Last Moments

by Claire Keeply

I ran out of the pool area, Darien couldn’t have gotten far, he had to be around here somewhere. I ran down the hallway then stopped dead in my tracks. What if he was still back there just invisible? That had to be the reason why we didn’t see him in there. I turned and quickly ran back to the pool area. Who knows what might happen when that big thug found Darien. I stopped in the doorway just in time to see the goon dragging the very visible and very unconscious Darien closer to the pool.

I quickly grabbed the nearest thing and ran up behind the guy after he had kicked Darien into the pool. When he turned around with that smirk on his face, I smacked him up beside the head as hard as I could with my quickly chosen weapon. He was down and I doubt he’ll be getting up anytime soon and since he was out of the way, I could now go save Darien. I quickly dove into the pool, grabbed Darien then swam back up to the surface making sure I didn’t let go of him.

I finally managed to get Darien and myself out of the pool. I took off those stupid goggles he must have put on before all of this happened. I hovered over him, on my hands and knees, praying that I had pulled him out of the watery grave in time...and then he opened his eyes.

“I thought I lost you.” I told him, still trying to catch my breath. “You okay?” I asked after he stopped coughing.

“Well, I’ve been better.” He told me. “How ‘bout you?”

I took a quick look over at the goon I had knocked out then I put my full attention back onto Darien. “I’m unemployed.”

“Maybe I can give you a recommendation...seeing as you just saved my life again.”

“Well, you can do much more then that.” I told him before leaning down, about to kiss him until I heard a gunshot and felt a sharp agonizing pain go through my back. I collapsed into Darien.

“You did -not- need to do that!” I heard him yell. Who was it? Who was the one who had shot me? I wanted to move and see who it was but I was too weak already.

I finally heard my assassin start to speak. I recognized that voice, it was Stark! He had shot me! I knew something was going to happen to me for saving Darien’s life again. But I didn’t think this would be my punishment. I heard Stark say something about me having feelings for Darien and it was true, I did! I wanted to jump up from Darien’s arms and tell Stark that I do have feelings for this guy. I hated being the one that had to infect him with that damn nano virus. I hated everything that I had done to Darien.

I heard another gun shot and another man’s voice. It must have been Darien’s partner. Then I saw his Keeper come over, checking my pulse. And Darien, poor Darien, was telling me that it was okay but I knew it wasn’t okay. I was going to die. Since I didn’t have much time to live I might as well tell them what Chrysalis had planed. “Chrysalis....” I choked out. “Chrysalis...”

“What?” Darien asked.

“They’re,” I swallowed, trying to speak again. “They’re going to...” I couldn’t finish what I wanted them to know. I was too weak...everything finally faded to black.

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